Spiritum – Chapter Forty-six

46. Domition had overslept. He knew it the moment he opened his eyes. Usually when he awoke, the first bars of orange were just starting to beam between the skyscrapers outside the apartment, but this time the fake sun was already fully risen. He checked the time. Fifty-three minutes; that’s how much he’d missed his … Continue reading Spiritum – Chapter Forty-six

Spiritum – Chapter Forty-one

41. They heard it together, a murmur in the distance, as if the planet itself was stirring. A gentle vibration resonated through the tunnels below the mountains of Muldaenuia. Haldron almost convinced himself he'd imagined it. But then the others began to react, first Rowtenat with his typical standoffishness, then Benellen with his usual levelheadedness. … Continue reading Spiritum – Chapter Forty-one

Spiritum – Chapter Thirty-nine

39. “Stand”. Llannaeia did as the voice commanded. She was in no mood for arguing. “Follow”. “Where are we going”? The creature turned and headed for the door. Llannaeia took a second to stretch before following. They set off in silence. Around the corner, she was surprised find other members of the Rimor’s crew being … Continue reading Spiritum – Chapter Thirty-nine